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BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is a dietary supplement with a day product and a night product which aids the circadian rhythm of the skin and produces a visible anti-aging effect after only 2 months.

– BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® DAY SPA is a source of moisturisation required by the skin to build up a protective shield against the stressful influences of the day, thus providing care and protection from within – a unique day-care product for your natural radiance!

– BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® NIGHT SPA is the unique night care and source of rejuvenation that aids the regeneration process and replenishes lost moisture and radiance.

Two natural and unique formulations made of plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements pamper and protect your skin from within – FOR YOUR NATURAL RADIANCE!

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is a beauty product for all women who wish to combat the aging process of the skin, especially women in the second half of life experiencing the first signs of skin aging. Physical appearance, and beautiful skin in particular, is especially important for 17.4 million women (91%) in Germany and Austria. The main causes of skin aging are environmental influences, resulting in:

  • an increasingly uneven skin surface with pigment spots
  • loss of elasticity, wrinkles and a pale
  • tired complexion.

A healthy and balanced diet is always the best!

For a healthy, balanced diet we should drink at least 1.5 litres of water, eat five portions of fruit and vegetables and have at least 30-60 minutes physical exercise outdoors every day.

But who has time for a balanced breakfast, lunch with salad and vegetables, time to cook a meal in the evening and fit in a daily exercise programme? In addition, our bodies are increasingly subjected to stress and environmental influences. The main factors directly affecting our skin are UV radiation, air pollution, highly processed foods, cigarette smoke and alcohol. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is the protective shield against environmental influences.

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® helps to care for your skin with the optimum provision of precious skin nutrients.

Healthy adults who wish to protect, nourish and/or revitalise their skin.

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® can be used from 18 years of age.

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is a dragèe that should be swallowed with plenty of liquid. The natural sugar coating provides a blackberry flavour in the mouth and makes the dragèe easy to swallow.

We have designed the formulation so that only 1 dragèe each is to be taken per day.

  • Take one BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® DAY SPA dragèe each morning with plenty of water – for a hydrated and radiant complexion and as a protective shield against the influences of the day.
  • Take one BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® NIGHT SPA dragèe each evening with plenty of water – for a fresh and revitalised skin sensation after a restful night.

Taking BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® presents no risk, even if you take the recommended dose every day for your whole life. The stated recommended dose should nevertheless not be exceeded as we have given each product exactly the required amount of nutrients.

Our products are subject to the strict regulations of the German and European food laws and to inspection by the relevant authorities.

Have a little patience: wrinkles do not disappear overnight.

Dietary supplements for the skin are obviously not capable of reducing wrinkles within a few days. Wrinkles are the mirror of a life style and of age. To rejuvenate itself, the skin needs approximately two months. You should allow your skin this length of time. Our formulation is characterised by the simplicity and quality of the ingredients that function best in your body. You receive exactly those vitamins and minerals as the daily dose required by your skin.

Guavafruit-extract(thereof lycopenees)200 mg(16 mg)
Amlafruit-extract(thereof Vitamin C)100 mg(50 mg)
vitamin C80 mg
algae extract(thereof Astaxanthin)15 mg(600 µg)
vitamin E12 mg
zinc10 mg
vitamin A800 µg
selenium55 µg
biotin50 µg
vitamin D5,0 µg


pomegranate extract(thereof punic acid)368 mg(129 mg)
vitamin C(thereof Vitamin C)80 mg
vitamin E12 mg
zinc5 mg
wheat extract(thereof ceramides)8 mg(240 µg)
folic acid200 µg
vitamin B122,5 µg

All information that we give concerning the vitamins and minerals conforms to the Health Claim Regulation that serves to protect health. According to the regulation, advertising with health and nutritional information is on principle only permitted if the claims have been scientifically recognised by the European Union in a procedure specified in the Health Claim Regulation. The European Food Safety Agency is responsible for the scientific recognition. (EFSA)

In addition, we are in possession of clinical studies and reports on the vitamins and plant extracts and their effect on the skin which will be discussed in the questions below.

Vitamins & Minerals

Source: COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 432/2012 of 16 May 2012 establishing a list of authorised health claims made on foods other than those referring to the reduction of disease risk and the development and health of children.

-Vitamin A: … contributes to the maintenance of normal skin

-Vitamin E: … helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress

-Vitamin D: … has a function in cell division

-Vitamin C: … contributes to a normal collagen formation for a normal function of the skin,… helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress

-Zinc: … contributes to the maintenance of normal skin,… helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress,… has a function in cell division

-Biotin: … contributes to the maintenance of normal skin

-Souls: … helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress

-Vitamin B12: … Vitamin B12 has a function in cell division

-Folic acid: … has a function in cell division

The links between nutrition and skin health are largely based on the following link:



GUAVA-FRUIT (Psidium guajava): The radical scavenger lycopene contained in the fruit guava fruit is a powerful antioxidant – cell protection.

(Source: EFSA Claim 2262 – Guava – Skin health)

  • TitleEchte Guave
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AMLA-FRUIT (Emblica Officinalis)

The Amla fruit is rich in vitamin C – collagen formation – anti-aging.

(Source: EFSA Claim 4329 – Emblica officinalis – Healthy ageing)

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Microalgae (Haematococcus Pulvialis)

Astaxanthin is a red pigment of algae and plankton – UV protection

(Source: EFSA Claim 1979 – Astaxanthin – Protects skin from UV damage and sun exposure)



Pomegranate fruit (Punica granatum)       

The historical pomegranate contains antioxidants – cell protection

(Source: EFSA Claim 1901, 2123 – pomegranate – antioxidant/anti – ageing properties)


Wheat extract:

Collagen formation – regeneration

(Source: EFSA Claim 2832, 1390, 600 – Wheat – Skin hydration/ Skin protection)


Ja – BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, is completely gluten free and contains no lactose.

A food that is nutrient-rich and particularly beneficial for health and well-being is termed a superfood.

ORAC is the abbreviation for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or the ability to absorb oxygen radicals. The daily requirement of ORAC units is given as 5,000 – 7,000.

Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals that damage healthy cells. Free radicals are oxygen molecules that are intrinsically unstable because an electron is missing from their chemical structure. In order to achieve stability, they take an electron from the next available stable molecule (e.g. of a skin cell). A chain reaction forms, which can lead to an excess of free radicals and visible effects on the skin. With the passing of time, the skin looks old and rough, has pigment spots, wrinkles and bags appearing under the eyes if the body`s own protection system does not have sufficient antioxidants.

Only 5% of the sun´s radiation that hits the earth is UV-rays. However, this has unexpected strength. There are different forms of UV rays. UVC rays are blocked by the ozone layer. UVA and UVB rays reach the surface of the earth and affect our skin. UVA rays: A as in “Aging” or “Allergies”.

They are there the whole year round, even on cloudy days: 95% of ultraviolet rays that reach the earth´s surface are UVA rays. They pass through clouds, glass and also the epidermis. In contrast to UVB rays, they do not cause any painful symptoms on the skin, however they do penetrate very deep into the skin to the cells of the dermis. Primarily, they produce free radicals, can permanently change cells and lead to the following changes. The simplified scientific explanation is as follows: In the skin, intracellular cell-to-cell communication (CCC) takes place via cell-cell canals (gap junctions), which is important for various cellular functions such as the regulation of growth, differentiation and the development of cells. The loss of the CCC is a characteristic of most cancer cells. UVA radiation is known to be a cell stressor. This work showed that UVA radiation inhibits CCC in human skin fibroblasts by about 30 %. Treatment with carotenoids (ß-carotene, astaxanthin, canthaxanthin) protects the cells from UVA-radiation-induced inhibition of the CCC. This supports the hypothesis that carotenoids can be used in humans as an endogenic sun protective agent.

Title: Effects of astaxanthin and canthaxanthin on the cell-cell-communication via Gap Junctions.

Yes, BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® can be taken over the long term without hesitation.

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is a tablet that should be swallowed with sufficient liquid. The tablet coating results in a pleasant blackberry taste in the mouth. It is not possible to dissolve the tablet, as the plant extracts are firmly compressed and taste slightly bitter.

Our dietary supplements are made by R-Pharm Germany GmbH in Illertissen. The roots of this company located in Southern Germany reach back into the year 1849. For many, the location is connected to the company name of Heinrich Mack GmbH and the bee-venom ointment “Forapin”. Nowadays pharmaceuticals and food supplements are manufactured at this location using the latest technology, innovations and quality culture. Food supplements are manufactured under GMP-compliant conditions and are subjected to the same care and quality standards as pharmaceuticals. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment made in Germany and high quality, our responsibility towards our employees and the environment is at the forefront. For example, renewable energy sources, such as the company´s own hydroelectric power station and photovoltaic units are used here.

Certified German suppliers supply us with regional and exotic plant extracts. We ensure that the plants are grown and processed in the countries of origin. For BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® we process:

  • Ayurvedic amla-extract from India
  • Pulverised algae astaxanthin from China
  • Traditional guava-fruit extract from China
  • Special pomegranate extract from China
  • Wheat ceramides from France

The coloured coating was developed with a German company that has a development and production facility for tablet coatings from plant extracts. The blackberry essences also originate from a German company at a location in Germany.

As a manufacturer for dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals we subject all our suppliers to a supplier certification procedure. Our manufacturers are predominantly in Germany and have all the necessary certifications as manufacturers of dietary supplements or pharmaceuticals.

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is for healthy people. There are no clinical studies on toxicity limits associated with medications.

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® contains no allergens subject to labelled identification in accordance with the regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011.

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is a dietary supplement that helps healthy adults to maintain or recover the youthfulness of their skin. (There are no clinical studies available concerning use in children or pregnant women).

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® should be stored in a dry and cool place or at room temperature. Direct sunlight should be avoided.

We know the market for nutrition and functional food and know that the added-value-products we offer our customers are not otherwise available on the market. Health care shelves are full of a multitude of similar, seemingly pharmaceutical, standard formulations and presentations. An innovative beauty product to be taken internally, containing valuable, effective and natural anti-aging ingredients which support the circadian rhythm of the skin is not to be found.

Our driving force is to offer an added-value of natural ingredients reflecting the scientific state of the art in term of formulation and dosage. In addition, we are convinced that a cool, trendy to-go package with tasty dragèes offer our customers a beauty product that is a pleasure to take and use. After all, youthfulness expresses itself in the products we choose to use. BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® was developed by women for women.

Orders, payment and delivery

In the case of complaints or exchange you have the possibility to return your order within the defined period (14 days) in accordance with our right of cancellation policy. For this, you will bear the immediate cost of returning the product. The purchase price already paid will be reimbursed to you immediately after we receive the returned product. Any signs of usage or use of the product will result in a loss of value which you will be required to compensate if the loss of value is due to your handling of the goods in a way that was not necessary in order to check the consistency, characteristics or functionality of the product. Please be aware that we will deduct a commensurate sum from the reimbursable purchase price for any goods returned unstamped or insufficiently stamped. Depending on your chosen method of payment you will receive the reimbursable amount credited to your account, your PayPal account or your credit card account. If you wish to exchange one product for another, please return the unwanted article and place a new order. For enquiries or further information on the return procedure please contact our customer service via email to info@bloombeauty.de at any time or call us from 09:00 – 16:00 h MET on +49 7303 12 7888. The complete cancellation advice with detailed information on the commencement of the cancellation period and the cancellation consequences can be found in our cancellation policy.

You can find BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® in our online shop and in future also in selected locations. More detailed information to follow.

Delivery within Germany or to Austria is currently 2-4 weekdays as a rule.

At present we supply only Germany and Austria. However, we are working to expand to other European countries.

Customers in Germany: From an order value of 25 € upwards delivery is free of charge. For example, 2 months treatment with BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® DAY SPA (4 x Day Spa) or NIGHT SPA (4 x Night Spa).

Customers in Austria: From an order value of 49 € upwards delivery is free of charge. For example, 2 months treatment with 4 x each BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® DAY SPA and NIGHT SPA.

Delivery costs within Germany are currently 2,95 €

Delivery costs to Austria are currently 4,95 €

You can pay by credit card, PayPal and immediate transfer.

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What makes BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® different

No, the formulation of BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is unique. BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is a composition of natural plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that support the circadian rhythm of the skin and are highly effective in the recommended dose. There is no comparable product on the market that provides this combination of ingredients at this dosage.

Plant-based ingredients offer a greater added-value in the form of secondary plant substances when compared with individual high-dose synthetic vitamins and minerals. Most conventional preparations for skin, hair and nails contain only synthetic vitamins and minerals. However, the so-called secondary plant substances (enzymes, flavonoids, catechins and anthocyanins) found in vegetables and fruit offer a clear added value compared to a purely vitamin and mineral dietary supplement. The reason is that the nutrients contained naturally in plants can be processed better by the body.

29.3 % of German women would like a natural, plant-based beauty product. Scientific studies underline the significance of natural antioxidants and their added-value for skin health.

For this reason, for BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® we use, among other things, natural vitamins and minerals from nutrient-rich plants, fruits and algae.

Our skin is composed of several layers. The upper layer is the so-called epidermis. Here creams unfold their effect. However, creams do not penetrate to the lower layers such as the dermis. The dermis is the layer below the epidermis and it contains collagen, elastane and the moisturising polysaccharides. The structure of the dermis is at risk with advancing age as collagen and elastane fibres begin to degenerate. This is precisely where BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE®. unfolds its effect.

A wallet pack is a trendy “To-Go” package in the form of a folded card combining customer information with the package, so that a separate product leaflet and packaging are no longer required. You can always carry your BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® with you. The packaging is environmentally friendly and is marked with the green dot.