What is BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® and how many products are there?

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is a dietary supplement with a day product and a night product which aids the circadian rhythm of the skin and produces a visible anti-aging effect after only 2 months.

- BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® DAY SPA is a source of moisturisation required by the skin to build up a protective shield against the stressful influences of the day, thus providing care and protection from within – a unique day-care product for your natural radiance!

- BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® NIGHT SPA is the unique night care and source of rejuvenation that aids the regeneration process and replenishes lost moisture and radiance.

Two natural and unique formulations made of plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements pamper and protect your skin from within – FOR YOUR NATURAL RADIANCE!

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