What makes BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® different from conventional skin/hair/nail products?

Plant-based ingredients offer a greater added-value in the form of secondary plant substances when compared with individual high-dose synthetic vitamins and minerals. Most conventional preparations for skin, hair and nails contain only synthetic vitamins and minerals. However, the so-called secondary plant substances (enzymes, flavonoids, catechins and anthocyanins) found in vegetables and fruit offer a clear added value compared to a purely vitamin and mineral dietary supplement. The reason is that the nutrients contained naturally in plants can be processed better by the body.

29.3 % of German women would like a natural, plant-based beauty product. Scientific studies underline the significance of natural antioxidants and their added-value for skin health.

For this reason, for BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® we use, among other things, natural vitamins and minerals from nutrient-rich plants, fruits and algae.

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