How was the idea of BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® created?

We know the market for nutrition and functional food and know that the added-value-products we offer our customers are not otherwise available on the market. Health care shelves are full of a multitude of similar, seemingly pharmaceutical, standard formulations and presentations. An innovative beauty product to be taken internally, containing valuable, effective and natural anti-aging ingredients which support the circadian rhythm of the skin is not to be found.

Our driving force is to offer an added-value of natural ingredients reflecting the scientific state of the art in term of formulation and dosage. In addition, we are convinced that a cool, trendy to-go package with tasty dragèes offer our customers a beauty product that is a pleasure to take and use. After all, youthfulness expresses itself in the products we choose to use. BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® was developed by women for women.

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