True beauty
comes from within

Natural superfood dragees for radiantly beautiful skin
  • less wrinkles
  • more skin resistance
  • tight skin over the whole body


The natural Beauty Food
for your skincare from within

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® is a natural and vigorous dietary supplement for your skin care from within. The natural superfood dragees are nursing your skin with valuable antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from ant-aging plant extracts.

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Day Spa

Skin protection during the day

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® Day Spa is the moisturizer your skin needs to protect itself from the wearing influences of the day. Natural antioxidants from guava-, amla-plants and the microalgae are your protective shield against premature skin aging.


Night Spa

Skin regeneration over night

BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® Night Spa is nursing with the essences of pomegranate and gluten free wheat ceramides.  In the silence of the night your skin obtains lost moisture and luminosity – for a radiant complexion in the morning.


About us: What is BLOOM and who stands behind the products?

Learn more about the special features of BLOOM and what is important for beauty, get to know the team behind BLOOM and we will show you, how our beauty dragees are produced.

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Effect: How does BLOOM work?

Immerse yourself in the effects and the science of BLOOM, our ingredients und find out what experts say about BLOOM.

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For whom is BLOOM?

Find out, if BLOOM fits your skin care and yourself & what users say about BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE®.

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2 Month Treatment



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1-Month-Treatment + 2x Mask

2x Night Spa, 2x Day Spa, 2x Face mask


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Are you sceptical towards dietary supplement and want to test if you´re able to take dragees? Experience the BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® combi-treatment with each 14 dragees of BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® Day Spa for the skin protection during the day and BLOOM BEAUTY ESSENCE® Night Spa for the skin regeneration over night.

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What our consumers & experts are saying
about the skin care of BLOOM


"I was fitter and more active, I had more energy. This positive side effect happens because of the multitude of the vitamins. After around 4 weeks I´ve noticed that my whole skin felt softer. In the next few weeks even more happened, my skin over the whole body became tighter."


Dr. Sabine Zenker:

"Various ingredients in the ,anti-aging‘ food supplements of BLOOM are scientifically valid: they can contribute to your skin health and beauty. Not for nothing it is said ,Beauty comes from within‘!" dermatologist, Dr. Sabine Zenker

Dr. Sabine Zenker, Dermatologin


"I´ve tested the products from BLOOM for 4 weeks now and i can say, that I´m thrilled. I haven´t been a friend of products for food supplements and therefor always sceptical especially in terms of ingredients. At the products of BLOOM, despite their dragee form, i have the feeling, that I´m doing my body a favor. The products are vegan and based on natural ingredients."

Sheila G.

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